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Making of the Visitor

03 Mar 2012 - This is my current digital project. I am working on a future city which has been visited by an uncomfortable visitor (its not the man in the foreground, I have something else which will go in the image) ..... Before working on the colour, I am doing the whole thing in black and white to get the values right. I need to finish the background demolished buildings before working a bit on a couple of foreground details. I placed in the Digital Resources section of these pages a file with a set of 9 custom brushes that I used to create some of the elements in this image. Here is a preview and a colour test. Comments are welcome. 



11 Mar 2012 - After some colour and ambience adjustments, this is the current version. I decided to add some snow to give it a colder look.


11 May 2012 - I finally got the time to finish this up. After some feedback I decided to remove the snow and fix a few things here and there. I fixed the area under the motorway on the right of the image. Opening up that area gave the image a bit more depth. To finish up, I added some elements, like some labels to some buildings, in order to try and create some sense of this been a restricted or test facility area of the city. I have run out of ideas to finish this up, so any comments will be welcomed. Otherwise I considered it finish.


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