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A Knights Tale

At the beginning of January 2012, I have started a four weeks online course at 3DTotal where we are been taken by Richard Tilbury through the process of producing a finished image starting from a 3D scene (using in this case to produce the 3D scene google Sketchup).

My idea is to produce a series of digital paintings based around the same story. The story will explore the world a Knight finds as he returns home from the crusades. The problem is that the home he once knew, is long gone. Not only he has return home, he has come back a few thousand years later. So the world he finds has changed dramatically. As he sets to explore and rediscover his home, I will follow and try to depict what he finds .......


Womans Face in Blue

I have started now working on the third of the Womans Face series. After Womans Face in Green and Womans Face in Orange, I am now going to start working on the blue one.

This is how I am getting along:

29 Oct 2011 - So far I have gathered some ideas from the internet and designed more or less the idea I have for this one. I looked for images of Indian women to start with. I then loaded the photo in Photoshop and played around with it until I went from the left image bellow to the right one. The next step, pass the design onto the canvas.

Japanese Maple Tree

8 Jan 2011 - While I try to finish the face of the woman (see previous post below), I have started working on a new simple design to put on a long canvas, like the ones in the Designs section of these pages. I normally start by making a sketch on paper using a pencil, then I highlight things using a black marker. This makes the scanning process afterward easier, and produces a better finish. Once on the computer, I further edit the image in Photoshop until I achieve the desired finish. However, this time I decided to do the whole thing in Photoshop using the Wacom Bamboo pen and touch drawing tablet I got for Christmas. It is the first time that I have used one of these things, and I have to say that it is easy to get used to, and works really well. It makes a big difference, especially when it comes to making precise lines. I am looking forward to start making more complex digital images. By the way, to help me on that subject, I have got hold of a copy of Creative Photoshop CS4 by Derek Lea. I have not got too far into it yet, but the tips given so far are quite good and the book is written in a very easy-to-follow sort of way.

Coming back to the design, with this design I wanted to achieve some kind of Japanese feel. So what better things to add than a Japanese maple tree and a Japanese Geisha face. I looked online for inspiration and found some photos of maple trees and Geishas. What you see bellow is as far as I have gone. The tree is probably finished, but I am still playing around with the face of the Geisha, especially the hair and the designs on the dress, which I am not sure I like yet. Also the proportions of the tree and face are not quite right yet.

DESIGN 3, version 1
Designed for a boxed canvas with dimension
width, 150 cm
heigth, 50 cm

22 Jan 2011 - I have decided to alter the initial design, as seen above in version 1. I flipped the tree to the other side and try to make a bit of a younger, and maybe modern, version of the japanese woman. I am still playing around with the hair, but I think I prefer this version already. 


DESIGN 3, version 2
Designed for a boxed canvas with dimension
width, 150 cm
heigth, 50 cm
These are the photos I used to help me out with the design.


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