I was born in Madrid (Spain) 1973.

Skipping ahead, I started in 1991 Astrophysics at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) where I finished my studies in 1997. After a couple of years working at the same university, I moved to England, where I spent seven years carrying on with my studies. Nothing to do with art so far. In 2006 a job came up at the European Space Agency (ESA) in Madrid and I took it, and that is where I am now living. Still nothing to do with art.

Since I have moved back to Spain, I have been trying to spend more and more time doing some painting and it got to a time in which I decided to start a web site to simply put my work online and see how it goes. Hopefully this will encourage me to do more things.




    July 2012

   DIGITAL and CONCEPT ART with PHOTOSHOP taken at C10 Academy in Madrid. This workshop ran over a period of three weeks with a total of 51 hours. The workshop included a first part introducing Photoshop for Digital Art, and a second part of Concept Art. This second part was focused on character design, including pose, colour, dress style and accessories. Diploma.


    January 2012

    PHOTOSHOP DIGITAL PAINTING FROM A 3D STARTING POINT taken online at 3DTotal. This online workshop ran over a period of four weeks and incorporated seven and a half hours of video footage, illustrating the process behind producing an initial 3D concept in SketchUp through to a finished digital painting in Photoshop.


Commission Work and Appearances

    Jaqen H'ghar art work appearance in the music video Game of Thrones: Live Another Day (A Song of Arya) - by XY Unlimited (May 2013)

    Voluntary work for the digital magazine Templum (Apr 2013 - today)

    Material for the Web site, Esteparios de Tergvlad, including the web site banner (Feb 2013)

    Work for the illustrations of a book: Karpetannia (in the process)




    November 2012

    First place in the November 2012 Concept Art Challenge organized by 3DTotal. Topic, Zombies.


    February 2012

    First place in the February 2012 Concept Art Challenge organized by 3DTotal. Topic, Seas Creatures.

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