Making of Winter

05 Nov 2011 - Here is my next Photoshop project. I will try and explain some of the details here. If there is anything you would like me to explain here that I have not included, let me know and I will.

The first thing that I did was to define a background. In the last project I did, I started working with the main figure and left the background until the end, which I soon realized was a mistake. So this time, I decided to start by defining the colours I wanted the image to have. I came up with a background texture and then applied different colours (see bellow). At the end I went for the blue cold tones (hence decided to call it Winter). Initially I was going to have a rune engraved (top left), but I ended up removing it.

Winter 1: Defining the background texture and colours.

Next, I sketched the figure of the woman (first figure), choose the colours of the different parts that make up the figure, and blocked them with a solid colour for easy selection later on (second figure: dress, body and hair; each on a separate layer). Then I started drawing on top of this the colours (third and fourth figure) using a soft round brush only to start getting some volume in place.

Winter 2: Defining the colours of the figure and first brush strokes.

The first thing I worked on was the dress. For the dress I used a combination of different layers: to define the colour, the texture, the lighting as well as for the decoration. Each of this things is kept on a separate layer for easy changing in case of mistakes or change of mind. For the decorations, I imported some images of medallions, turned them to black and white played with it to finally I blended as part of the dress and set the colour to goldish.

Winter 3: The dress (and panel with all the layers used).

15 Nov 2011 - Next, I worked on the body decoration. The tattoo, I created myself and overlaid it (a combination of several layers, in blending modes like luminosity and colour) on her body and face. For the chain, I made a sketch first to see the effect. At the end I went for it. In order to hold the chain to her back I made some hooks which are actually inserted on her skin. The hooks have some rings where the chain can go through. I also adjusted the tone of her skin. I was going to have it purple since the title of Winter would suggest cold. I did not plan in making the skin tone realistic anyhow, but I thought it was too purple.

Winter 4: Back chain decorations (left: first sketch; right: final design).

I moved next on to putting some elements on the background. To start with, I changed the tone again, which gave me the idea of putting her against a wall with a window. Maybe her house, maybe not. The window comes from a photo that was edited. To the window I then added some decorations, using the same design as her back tattoo to make it feel as if she does belong to this house (whatever it is).

Winter 5: Definition of background tone and some elements.

Something was still missing. How about a glowing plant looking at her ? I did not have this in mind when I started, but it suddenly looked like a good idea. Next day I will explain in detail how I created the glowing plant.

Winter 6: Glowing plant.

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