Making of Warrior Woman

The idea for making this painting came from this drawing I found online (I would acknowledge the artist, but I can't remember where I took it from now). I thought that the gray scale image with some touches of orange created a very good contrast. I only wanted to reproduce roughly the figure and make a simple white background. I made some changes to the figure, but the whole idea for her posture and clothes came from this image.

I first made a sketch on a note book to get a hold of the measurements before passing it onto the canvas using charcoal. For the paint, I only used black, white and orange acrylic paint. I changed the original idea I had in mind for her hair, as seen on the sketch, as I started applying the hair colour. I dont know if it was for better or for worse.


Top row: two sketches with pencil of the main figure and her face. Bottom left: drawing from which the idea came from; bottom middle: an intermediate step of the painting before applying highlights, shadows and colour. The hands are also unfinished at this stage, and no background colour has been applied yet; bottom right: final painting.

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